Green Energy Projects

Kazakhstan’s shift toward green energy is taking a diversified approach, using Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric

Deputy Prime Minister Aset Isekeshevthat that they were building 13 wind plants, 14 hydroplants and 4 solar.

-First Wind Power Station and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are teaming up to build the country’s first commercial wind farm in Yereimentau in Akmola Province ($94 million, generating 45 megawatts)

-Largest solar power station in Kyzylorda Province will be capable of generating 65 megawatt hours of electricity a year ($93 million)

-Astana Solar LLP solar panel plant in Astana producing photovoltaic panels.

-Kazakhstan’s Emissions Trading System the first amongst CIS countries – capping production at 147 million tons on allowable emissions divided amongst 179 energy producing corporations.