Wind Energy

Kazakhstan hosts some of the most productive areas in the world for sustainable wind power plants

Wind power has the potential to produce 25 times more energy in a year than Kazakhstan’s current production from hydrocarbons. It is estimated that 10-15% of the land in Kazakhstan has average wind speeds of over 6 m/s making Kazakhstan prime for an increase in wind power. Wind power will play a large part of the 2020 goal to expand the renewable energy generating capacity to 1,040 megawatts from 110 megawatts last year.

One of Kazakhstan’s power companies, Samruk-Energy JSC, was recently awarded a $94 million loan from the Eurasian Development Bank to build Kazakhstan’s largest wind farm. The project will produce 172 million kilowatt/hours of electrical energy per year, save more than 60 million tons of coal, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.